SoneriKshan Photography, dedicated to wedding art photography is established by me (Sunit Joshi), a passionate photographer from Palghar. I feel that wedding photography is more than just a profession, its actually a responsibility to capture your special moments in such a way that you can enjoy them while they are happening as well as when you go through the photos.


Indian weddings are always so filled with colors & emotions. It is a moment where 2 souls meet and merge into one. It is a complete transformation of 2 lives. Hence, such moments should be preserved for a lifetime & photography is the medium for doing this so that you can live each & every moment every time you watch the photos …and here we are …SONERIKSHAN to help you preserve those golden moments by capturing them & relive them throughout your life.


Photography is actually an integral part of the wedding. Some moments happen only once but you can celebrate them ample times in the form of captured moments. SONERIKSHAN makes photographs, not just clicks because there is a vast difference between just clicking a picture and making a photograph.


If you feel that my effort to capture your special moments through my photography is worth while, then I am just a call away.